Customer Testimonials

"It has been an enjoyable project for us as well. As pointed out earlier, you have been greatly customer-focussed and it's all in your advantage. And let's not forget about the quality of the interactive model… FYI, early comments from our private sector customers have been extremely positive so far."

April 12, 2007
Health Care Decision Maker Focus Group Held in San Diego

Dymaxium hosted a Health Care Decision Maker Focus Group with health care decision makers (Pharmacy Directors, Medical Directors, Health Plan Administrators, Formulary Managers, and Health Plan/PBM Outcomes-PE) just prior to the start of April’s AMCP meeting in San Diego. 

The goal was to gain some critical insight into what decision makers are looking for with respect to models, tools, dossiers, etc.  We wanted to better understand what issues end customers face so that Dymaxium can continue to focus on creating tools that those end users will find most valuable and applicable in “real world” decision making. 

At ISPOR, we will share an aggregate report that highlights what we have learned from these decision makers, and what may be useful for future research and tools.

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