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"I had a meeting with our internal customers and told him how pleased I was with the quality of this project from a validation point of view. This project really should become a benchmark for successive interactive model projects. I am very happy enough to begin the process of moving towards project completion and application deployment. We look forward to working with you again."

June 7, 2007
Dymaxium Creative Director Wins 3rd Place Award at Microsoft’s Design Competition 2007

Kenneth W.K. Wu, Dymaxium’s Creative Director, wins third place out of 349 submissions from 35 countries around the world at the Microsoft Next-Gen PC Design competition.  The Microsoft challenge is a way to connect with designers and encourage them to think about ground-breaking PC designs that take traditional PCs outside the box. 


Kenneth’s Zeed+ for the Future was rewarded with the third-place Judge’s Award.  Zeed+ is a PC that maximizes the mobility of its hardware components while offering an unusual and elegant PC design.  The overall design concept is inspired by "Ikebana", the Japanese traditional art of formal flower arrangement devoted to balance, harmony, and form.  With the Zeed+ PC, each stem-shaped hardware unit has its own height, shape and character to reflect its function and they sit in a base that resembles a flower vase.  Users simply touch the vase base to operate the computer, play movies or music, surf the Internet and check personal emails.  The computer, which resembles a stylized floral arrangement, can be placed in either a workstation or family room to provide both aesthetic enjoyment and powerful computing functionality.


As a member of Dymaxium’s creative team, Kenneth’s design reflects the Dymaxium philosophy of leading edge innovation mixed with simple, user-friendly design.  Dymaxium congratulates Kenneth on winning this prestigious award.


To view Kenneth’s award-winning design and to learn more about the competition, visit:


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