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"When I first saw your animated Markov interface model back about three years ago at ISPOR, I was so impressed. That product was one of the best computer models, if not the best, I had ever seen. Others at BMS Outcomes Research have the same feeling and that's why we work with your group. The recently implemented interactive model for our new drug was a very cost - effective product to our company - you continue to present a high-quality, user friendly, interface tools with relatively low cost. In addition, you also have deliver excellent professional services in a timely fashion. That said, we would definitely look forward to working with you again in the future to support our other products."

July 1, 2010
AMCP eDossier System Officially Launches

It's live! The Academy and Dymaxium Healthcare Innovations, Ltd. officially launched the AMCP eDossier System on July 1. The two organizations in January 2010 commenced a pilot phase of the System, which represents the next step in the way health care decision makers (HCDMs) access and evaluate information needed to make evidence-based formulary decisions. 

Since January, more than 260 HCDM representing all major health plans and PBMs (covering nearly 80% of covered lives) have registered in the System. Ten pharmaceutical manufacturers (including four of 10 largest) participated in the Pilot Program, and converted more than 50 product dossiers to electronic dossiers. And more than 40 manufacturers have opted to receive requests through the System's eRequest Tool. Additionally, AMCP and Dymaxium have worked with many dossier content developers who continue to provide both support and valuable suggestions.

"The Academy is extremely pleased with the collaborative partnership that we are building and the progress that has been made," said Kevin Alder, AMCP's Deputy Executive Director. 

AMCP will continue to work with HCDMs to further educate them on how to fully utilize the System. The Academy also will work with manufacturers on how the System can benefit them and their customers, and with content developers on their key roles in the processes. 

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