Customer Testimonials

"I had a meeting with our internal customers and told him how pleased I was with the quality of this project from a validation point of view. This project really should become a benchmark for successive interactive model projects. I am very happy enough to begin the process of moving towards project completion and application deployment. We look forward to working with you again."

April 26, 2011
AMCP eDossier System updates in Minneapolis!

Dymaxium Healthcare Innovations, Ltd. is excited to participate in AMCP’s 23rd Annual Meeting & Showcase in Minneapolis this week!  VISIT BOOTH #636 and JOIN A LIVE SESSION on Friday, April 29th 7am-8:15am in the Convention Center for an update on the System’s offerings and a presentation on the integration of AHRQ Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Reviews within the System’s Resource Center.

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