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August 16, 2012
2012 Update on the AMCP eDossier System
Last month marked the second anniversary of the launch of the AMCP eDossier System, an easy-to-use electronic dossier platform from the Academy in partnership with Dymaxium Healthcare Innovations Ltd. that is revolutionizing the way health care decision makers access and evaluate information needed to make evidence-based formulary decisions.
The AMCP eDossier System combines the familiar structure of paper-based dossiers with technologies that are flexible and interactive. The new system allows formulary decision makers to easily search and filter through the often voluminous amounts of information that accompany today’s medications.
The AMCP eDossier System was designed to address the challenges faced by decision makers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and dossier content experts across the U.S.
Since its launch in July 2010: 
  • More than 560 qualified health care decision makers (HCDMs) from leading payer organizations in the U.S. use the System;
  • More than 800 products are available from 50 companies on the eRequest Tool that decision makers can use to submit their unsolicited requests for information; 
  • 20 manufacturers have subscriptions; and
  • The 100th eDossier milestone was surpassed in July!   
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